Arrival at the venue
  • Prior to arrival, we will request additional contact details to assist with contact tracing. Storage of the data collected will adhere to current GDPR regulations
  • All attendees will be required to complete a health declaration prior to arrival. If you do not complete this declaration, and/or are displaying symptoms, we reserve the right to refuse entry
  • A hygiene station will be located at the main entrance to the building, with additional stations positioned throughout the building
  • As you enter the building, a member of the venue staff will be carrying out temperature checks. Any guests presenting with a high temperature (37.8C or greater) will not be allowed past reception and will be asked to return home
  • You may be required to register at a specific time to avoid queues and large groups forming. We will advise you of the registration process closer to the time

All communal spaces

  • You may be asked to wear a protective face mask or covering in communal spaces. You will be asked to bring your own
  • A one-way flow system will be in operation throughout the building to ensure physical distancing. Venue staff will be on hand to direct you as necessary, and floor markers and signposts will be in place to guide you safely around the building
  • You will be encouraged to use the stairs - lifts will only be operational for those with mobility issues
  • The cloakroom will be available for use and will be managed to avoid long queues. Floor markers will indicate safe queuing distances
  • Toilet facilities will be monitored to ensure that long queues don't form. Access may be limited at times in order to sanitise the facilities

Catering and exhibition spaces

  • London Breast Meeting will have its own separate catering spaces where the team of highly trained catering staff will be positioned behind screens to serve you
  • We may decide to stagger lunch and refreshment breaks to ensure physical distancing
  • Pre-packaged lunches, refreshments and cutlery will be served
  • Beverage stations will be self-service. Sanitiser wipes will be provided at these stations to facilitate immediate disinfection
  • Pedal bins or automatic bins will be available for disposable of food waste, and a separate drop off area will be in operation for used crockery, cutlery and glassware
  • Water coolers will be available throughout the building with disposable cups. Single-use bottled water will also be available
Registration at the venue
  • A contact-free registration process will be in place. You will be asked your name, which we will check off from our list of pre-registered delegates
  • To avoid contamination, we will not provide you with a lanyard, badge or delegate pack
  • We will send you an electronic version of the delegate pack in advance, as well as a link to download the free conference app
  • All team members will wear face coverings

Inside the auditorium

  • The auditoria and other event spaces will have reduced capacity according to current social distancing guidelines
  • You will be asked to remain in your allocated seat/event space for the duration of the conference
  • Question and answer sessions and live polling will be facilitated via the conference app to avoid use and handling of microphones
  • Notepads and pens will not be available or provided by the London Breast Meeting Team or Venue staff, so please make sure you bring your own
Enhanced cleaning measures
  • The building will have undergone a through deep clean prior to reopening
  • A full and thorough clean of each space will be carried out prior to the conference
  • The cleaning team will have a continued presence throughout the conference
  • The cleaning regime has been modified to ensure high touch points are sterilised and cleaned frequently (such as door handles, banisters, lift buttons)
  • Hand sanitiser stations will be positioned throughout the building
  • If you see something that requires attention, we encourage you to speak to a member of the team who will ensure appropriate action is taken

What should you do if you start to feel unwell?

If you start to feel unwell whilst at the conference, please follow the below steps:
  • Let a member of the organising team or venue staff know immediately
  • You will be taken to a dedicated quarantine area where you will receive appropriate medical attention
  • If necessary, protocol will be followed to close the event and advise on self-isolation for those in attendance, including staff
  • The affected rooms and areas will be islolated for 72 hours to reduce infection risk, and a thorough deep clean of the event spaces including communal areas/facilities will be undertaken

The conference venue, Royal College of Physicians, has been awarded a 'We're Good to Go' certification which means that it has been recognised by the UK Government as a venue that can open safely.

The London Breast Meeting Organising Team and Venue Staff will put all the measures in place that are necessary to maintain a healthy environment for London Breast Meeting participants.

The following measures will be in place according to current guidelines (please note these measures may change along with any future changes in guidelines):